Planting Season
Farmers in Busembatia plant their Rice at the beginning of the first season
Green Gram garden
Proper planting methods for green gram ensure better yields
Youth Farmers
Youth in eastern Uganda Prepare a rice garden
Swamp for Rice
Rice growing in swampy areas has proved to produce betterr yields
Field Inspection
Farmer looks on as members of the ERIGNU team inspect his garden

ERIGNU Project Overview

Poverty levels in the northern Uganda remain the highest in the nation (UBOS, 2016). Rice, a strategic crop in the national agricultural development strategy and a key crop in the multi-annual-strategic plan of the Dutch Embassy in Kampala has very low average yields from farmlands in northern Uganda. ReadMore

ICT Tools

Community Based
Seed Systems

ICTs for Rice
and Green Gram

Women Economic

Rice-Green Gram
Cropping Systems

Latest Articles

Rice-Greengram production enhancement a turbo-charge to agricultural development in Northern Uganda

Far too often, people view Northern Uganda through the prism of problems. Northern Uganda represents a region of hope, promise and vast potential. The fact stands that our dear peo... Read More

Latest News from ERIGNU

ERIGNU project inception meeting pictorial

The Enhancing Rice-Greengram productivity in Northern Uganda (ERIGNU) project in Uganda is funded by the Applied Research Fund (ARF). Project partners include WOUGNET, Makerere Uni... Read More

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