Agriculture being the most important sector in many national economies plays an important role in the development of many nations with majority of the rural population depending on it. The traditional approaches to Agriculture normally used by rural dwellers in many developing nations has got numerous challenges in terms of production, market and profit reliability among others. The logical question there fore ensues ;

“ How can the rural Agricultural sector be revolutionized in an attempt to address the challenges faced by the rural population inclusive of small holder farmers ‘’

The challenges of traditional Agriculture can be addressed significantly by using Information and communication technologies and if used effectively plays an important role in uplifting livelihoods of the rural communities including small holder farmers. Information and Communication Technologies can revolutionize the rural Agricultural sector if strategically applied.

The multi-stakeholder approach, Enhancing Rice-Green gram productivity in Northern Uganda (ERIGNU) project implemented by Women of Uganda Network- WOUGNET ( www.wougnet.org ) using ICTs powered by Eight Technologies ( www.8technologies.net ) greatly revolutionized traditional farming in the Northern districts of Uganda, EAST AFRICA. The ICTs deployed addressed challenges like drought, pests and diseases and market scarcity among others. The ERIGNU mobile http://www.erignu.org/ErignuMobile.apk  and web-based system http://www.erignu.org/system/homepage  has since been a study tool for many stakeholders in the sector and has been adopted by many rural farmers in the Northern region of Uganda mainly because of its simplicity to use, the smart phones provided and numerous trainings conducted by www.8technologies.net and www.wougnet.org . This has greatly improved livelihoods of the rural small holder farmers.


Written by :
Peter Ongom
System Administrator .


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