Women’s economic power and decision making capacity at household level is enhanced by SNV with support from WOUGNET and Makerere University.This involves the following activities;

Activity 1: Mobilizing women into economic empowerment groups Identify women rice farmers and organize them into formal groups of at least 15 members each. The groups are empowered with; training in group dynamics, development and adaption of group bylaws.

Activity2: Train the women groups in agribusiness and entrepreneurship skills. The group is trained in agribusiness, product innovation, entrepreneurships and personal development. While the training targets women, men are also empowered as a means of gaining social acceptable of women empowerment initiative.

Activity 3: Empower the women groups to access credit facilities. Provide them with ICT tool to keep records of their enterprises. Develop enterprise profiling tools and turnover projection models and schemes of using their produce as collateral for accessing credit facilities. Empower women groups to form/strengthen existing village saving schemes and link them to credit service providers.

Activity 4: Run women empowerment advocacy programmes. The project runs advocacy programmes targeting men, local leaders, civil society organizations and policy makers to enhance positive cultural changes that promote women empowerment and strengthen their economic and decision-making independence. These include; radio programmes, opinions, focus groups meeting, and public lecturers.